A new meaning for "Netflix and chill"

For some, “Netflix and chill” is code for a casual hookup. For knitters (and other yarn crafters), it means something really sexy – guilt-free binge tv watching, resulting in lovely handmade items.

 For experienced knitters, watching television or movies is the perfect accompaniment to easy knitting projects. Whether its miles of garter stitch, plain socks or a simple hat, a straight-forward knitting project is good for hours of binge watching. With the possible exception of sub-titled foreign films, pretty much any kind of video goes great with knitting. I’ve knit my way through season after season of the grittiest cop shows and the sweetest Jane Austen adaptations with nary a dropped stitch.

 Of course, watching movies or shows that feature great knitwear is a bonus. Knitting websites, like Ravelry, are full or posts ooh-ing and aah-ing over knitwear in Outlander, British TV shows set in the ‘40s or fashion-y shows like The Good Wife.