Learn to Knit

Knitting has lately received a great deal of attention for the many benefits it offers its practitioners. It is both mentally challenging and relaxing at the same time. Research from the Mayo Clinic, the Crafts Yarn Council and Stitchlinks (a U.K.-based therapeutic knitting website) validate the relaxation, mental stimulation and mood enhancing aspects of yarn crafting. And that's not even to mention the lovely end products we create.

Learning something new as an adult is always challenging, since we naturally gravitate towards doing those things that we are good at. It's important to be gentle with ourselves and leave the inner perfectionist at home. Learning to knit is a tactile experience, in which our hands need to learn even before our brains kick in. With practice, anyone can become an accomplished knitter, since knitting is an activity that our bodies learn. Consistent practice is the key to getting muscle memory to play its role. What that means is that practice is 100% guaranteed to improve one's ability and that it is impossible to improve without practice.

Yarn Nomads offers one-on-one and group knitting lessons at a range of convenient locations around New York City. Detailed curriculum and scheduling information is here


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